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    Gear you SHOULD have but don't


    The Will

    Gear you SHOULD have but don't

    Post  The Will on Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:44 pm

    I know I know I know I know.......

    I talk endlessly (usually after a case of Coors) drunken about the gear I would love CXP artists have. After spending all day researching (while looking as if I was working really really hard) I found a few items that might (or should) interest you.

    First is the company Black Lion Audio. While looking at some good single-channel microphone preamp clones (GAP73, CL 1072), I cam across glowing reviews of this company. More to the point, their API 512C clone. A few good reviews on Gearslutz is easy....a 5 page multi-pro endorsed thread on one of the most controversal topics, mic pres, is hardly common.

    I know we do not have the $2000 it would take to leap into the NEVE realm. However, we should consider the BLA B12a at some point (if we ever generate revenue). I think it is a no brainer since Dena has a cool mic to sing in and Warren has a JDI.

    I am looking to upgrade soon as well. I want to transition from fake guitars to a real amp and mic. The B12 would be that last puzzle peice for me (the amp and SM57 will run about $800). But for Dena, the B12 would kick her sound up another notch.

    Oh, we need to figure out how to make some money afro

    Side note: I like the emoticons but this just looks...umm...Anthony Wiener'ish? elephant

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