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    General EQ

    Post  JuJu on Fri Aug 19, 2011 10:38 am

    #1 General EQ tips
    Here a list on my main EQing tips

    kick: 60-90hz = body, boom
    300hz = honky, flatness (just remove it and see)
    4k, 6k = click from the beater, add definition
    <60Hz - Remove using a shelf to tighten the bottom end and give more punch

    Snare: 180-250hz = body
    800hz = remove to get a tighter sound, ring
    2k-6k = snares, snap

    Snare bottom: 5k - Snares

    toms: 80-150hz = body
    300hz = same as kick
    4k, 6k = definition

    Overheads: 12k - Shimmer

    bass: 41hz = lowest note (E)
    80hz = body
    125hz = boominess
    200hz = muddyness
    600-800hz = definition on small speakers
    1.5k, 3k = definition, string noise

    Guitar: 82hz = lowest note (E)
    ~200hz = body (electric)
    ~240hz = body (acoustic)
    80hz = acoustic sound hole
    2k-5k = presence

    piano: 27hz - 4.2k = Lowest note to highest note (A0-C8)
    80-120hz = fullness
    2k-5k = presence

    Vocals: ~120hz = fullness (male)
    ~240hz = fullness (female)
    ~240hz = boominess (male)
    2k-4k = presence, bring forward in the mix
    5k-10k = Sibilance
    10k-15k = breath, air

    General: 15k - boost to hear a sense of air around and instrument

    Most importantly EQ with your ears, don't EQ for the sake of EQing.


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